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Company Taxation Services

Company Income Tax Return Preparation Services

  • Company Income Tax calculation as per Income Tax Ordinance 1984, Income Tax rules 1984 & latest finance acts.
  • Preparation & Submission of Company tax return.
  • Withholding Tax return preparation & services.
  • TDS Calculation, deduction, challan preparation & submission to Government Treasury.
  • 108 Preparation & Submission
  • Strategic planning of Company Income Tax
  • Planning for Investment rebate, application preparation and submission.
  • Corporate Personnel income tax services.
  • TIN registration & Correction

Company Income Tax Assessment Services

  • Attending hearing of Company Income Tax cases.
  • Assessment of Company income tax.
  • Certification of Income tax return.
  • Income Tax clearance certification¬†

Our Corporate Clients

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Our Corporate Clients

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